Saturday, September 01, 2007

Interactive marketing to moms

+ Marketing To Women Online.

Alpha Moms become top trendsetters.

Email Marketing to Moms.
The combined study found that 69 percent of online moms subscribe to 1 to 5 retail emails. The study also reported that 86 percent subscribe for discounts and coupons. Also, online moms are more likely to click through emails that include product pricing (62 percent) and photos (61 percent).

"With 75 million Moms in the United States influencing 80 percent of consumer household purchasing decisions, it's critical that retailers understand how to gain the trust of Moms and deliver value through the email marketing channel," says Kevin Burke, president, Lucid Marketing

Marketing to Moms - When trying to reach the "Mommy Market," keep their busy schedules and individuality in mind.

Get to the point when marketing to moms.

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