Monday, September 03, 2007

New shorthand and online advertising

+ Next Generation of Online Shorthand. Includes items such as:
* GI — Google it
* FCAO — five conversations at once
* IIOYT — is it on YouTube?
* DYFH — did you Facebook him/her?
* BIOI — buy it on iTunes
* CMOS — call me on Skype
* GGNUDP — gotta go, no unlimited data plan
* JUOC — jacked up on caffeine
* 12OF — twelve-o'clock flasher (refers to someone less than competent with technology, to the extent that every appliance in the house flashes "12:00")
* SML — send me the link
* RHB — read his/her blog
* MBLO — much better-looking online
* NBL — no battery left
* TWD — typing while driving
* CMT (CMF, CMM, CMB) — check my Twitter (Facebook, Myspace, blog)
* CYE (CYF, CYM, CYB)–check your email (Facebook, Myspace, blog)

The future of advertising? Think online and personal.
"As marketers scramble to stay ahead (or at least abreast) of the technological innovations that are changing how people receive messages, those who plan and buy media have become the industry's rock stars and oracles. The ads themselves now play second fiddle to where they're presented," write Verklin and Kanner.

They describe an advertising universe that has morphed into two kinds of companies - those that create the advertising and those that buy time and space. That transformation has left 10 giant companies largely in control of the buying and selling of time and space, they say.

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