Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guinness Tipping Point Goes All Out

+ Guinness's £10m ad topples record.
Guinness tonight launches the most expensive TV ad in its 80-year marketing history, with highly unusual domino rally.

The £10m ad begins with 6,000 dominoes, leading on to objects such as books, paint cans, tyres, flaming hay bales, fridges, suitcases and even cars.

Created by ad agency AMV BBDO, "Tipping point" was directed by Nicolai Fugslig, the man behind the camera for Sony Bravia's "Balls" commercial.

Mr Fugslig said the combination of the intricacy of the shoot, the high altitude location in Argentina and the use of hundreds of villagers made filming the ad the "biggest challenge" of his career to date.

"The ad is fundamentally a celebration of community," said Paul Cornell, the marketing manager for Guinness at Diageo GB.

See the ad.

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