Friday, November 09, 2007

Two Crap Radio Ads Walk Into A Bar

+ Every morning I listen to the radio on my way to work. There have been two radio spots that I've heard in the last few days that I just don't get.

One airs on a hiphop/pop rock station. It's a kid singing in an operatic style about wanting to get a phone. I can't figure out who it is supposed to be appealing to. Moms? Kids? Granted it does catch your attention as it's such a switch from the typical musical genre played on the channel. But it seems odd to me if it's targeted at teens, why they would choose opera. *shrug*

The other ad is for Uno Chicago Grill Restaurants. There's a line in the script that says, "Uno's isn't some made up restaurant". Um. Was that a complaint customers had about the restaurant? I'm still not exactly sure what the hell that means. And yes, I'm serious, it's in there. You can even listen to the spot yourself here (Click on Listen to Radio Ad). To the copywriter that had to suck it up when the client demanded that line was used...I feel your pain.

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