Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rant: I hate this State Farm spot

+ You've been there. You're sitting there, taking in the news, your favorite show, your indulgent viewing of something you'd never admit to watching...and then, there among the OK ads and the ones you just block hits you. You want to throw something through your slender flatscreen HD TV. But darn it if there's nothing within reach to throw. And then, you think about it...having to fork over more cash for a new TV wouldn't be so bright either.

All this for a crappy ad that some how effects you in a super negative way.

Right now, that ad for me is a spot for State Farm. You can watch it below.

We open on a setting that claims to be a brasserie, a bakery, a boulangerie, bistoit (bistro), cafe...I mean really? Granted, I can't make too much fun of it in relation to this ad because it's a real place in Los Angeles. But it seems excessive.

Anyway, the main character starts the ad off, talking to no one--looking off camera. The camera then zooms in on a guy sitting doing a crossword or something and looks at the main character like he's crazy. He really looks concerned for this guy, and scared for himself. Although, finding a guy talking to himself shouldn't be anything new in Hollyweird.

Then our main character walks into the cafe, getting in the way of the staff. The camera then pans around the cafe--FOR NO REASON--following different workers, while the guy blathers on. What is with the sweep view of the place? It's completely disconnected to anything else going on in the ad. Thankfully this isn't a 60 second spot that makes us endure any more of the weird camera angles and following random staff around as they "do their job" seems even more awkward. It's like they are saying, "We really don't have anything of value to tell you so we're going to distract you with visual randomness."!

< / rant> Ah, I feel better now. ;)

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