Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Makes A Successful Creative?

+ Passion. Curiosity. These are characteristics of a successful creative person. It's not just about knowing words or about kerning. Those things are important. But you need to be into your career with a passion. It's not just about 9-5, going in and doing the job. It's about seeing things out outside of your billable hours. It's about looking at other aspects of life and seeing them in a creative way. It's watching movies, reading books, looking at art, exploring technology. Engaging in relationships, people watching, and looking at nature. You need to be curious about the world around you. You need to be passionate about every aspect of the business, not just the one particular part you have in your title.


Kelli said...

I do this every day. I bake and love it. I build houses with my husband and love it. And at work, I write and love it. But sometimes I feel like I'm in the minority. I'm made to feel as if I'm 'wrong' because I care and am passionate.
I guess the question I have, is how do we bring others to this way of thinking?

Jane said...

Hi Kelli!

First, I think that successful creatives are the minority. And, perhaps that might never change. We can't have everyone be successful, now can we? ;)

Part of it is also in how we train the next generations as we become their supervisors or managers. It's helping them to see the joy in finding passion in their job, and creativity in their life. And then it becomes our responsibility to extol them for these things.

Another part is trying to work with people who also share these same characteristics. As the economy now is not as strong as it could be and people are working jobs just to pay the bills, it's harder to make the choice where you work. Sometimes you have to work with people who don't see these things as beneficial. But when given the chance, I think everyone needs to (in an ideal world) only work with those people who inspire you to embrace your passion, allow you to be curious...and ultimately creative.

Just like with any relationship, it's toxic if you aren't allowed to be yourself or allowed to grow. And, there are always reasons why we end up in these situations. But there is usually a way out in some shape or form.

And, sometimes it just takes time for people to understand the benefits of your passion and curiosity. You just have to keep at it.

If you look throughout history, these are the things that ultimately have made successful people successful. And it's true for more than just the advertising world as well.

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