Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kotex uses good insights in new campaign

+ There's a new campaign from Kotex that hits on a consumer insight that most women can relate to. It's pretty smart. The focus is to highlight Kotex as a way to show how well their product works so that women don't have to wear "period" underwear. It is a continuation of "Panty Challenge", a promotion that started last fall encouraging women to try Kotex with a promise that any problems meant new undergarments on K-C's dime.

Now the new evolution of the campaign, "Project Makeunder," centers around consumer content asking women to talk about the contents of their underwear and bra drawers.

The effort also involves TV personality Kathy Griffin and celebrity stylist George Kotsiopoulos, who will do undergarment makeovers for the winners among women who submit their lingerie stories. The participants are winnowed by consumer voting through Sept. 12. The winners' makeovers will be documented in a five webisodes that will be co-written by Kathy Griffin.

The one thing I find a bit odd about it or at least possibly an issue is if women are really going to be comfortable talking about their ugly undies. Ok, maybe talking about it won't be as bad. But not sure that they'd want to show them off.

It is a nice acknowledgment to the behavior of the target audience and also highlights the product as hero.

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