Thursday, November 25, 2010

Avoiding Super Bowl Ad News

+ Over the past 7-8 years, I've done a comprehensive reporting/listing of what ads you can expect to see on air during the Super Bowl. The longer I have done that, the more I have been less impressed and more disappointed in the advertising...either the basic idea or the execution. So, I want to try something different this year. Sort of as a test.

For Super Bowl 2011, I'm going to actively AVOID any news about the which advertisers will be buying up space in the "big show". I'm sure that they are close to having all ad slots filled by now.

I'm hoping that this will leave more surprise to the spots. Allowing me to see if it really is the work that's gone downhill over the last few years or if my perception has been thrown off by knowing so much of what was coming ahead of time.

I do have a feeling that it is probably a combination of the two things but, we shall see.

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