Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas For Ad Peeps: Part 3

+This installment of gift ideas features some book ideas, tees and more for the ad peeps in your life.

Help your Suits (or other suited gentlemen) stay in shape with this book featuring 50 exercises you can do with your suit on.

More info here.


Most creative types are brainstorming while they are doing everyday taking a shower. It's a good place to let your mind wander and sometimes the best ideas happen here. But the problem is remembering them, which is why this is a great gift idea. A waterproof notepad!

Get more info here.

For anyone interested in the creative process, pick up a copy of Art & Copy. If you haven't heard of it, follow the link below for more info, but basically it's a look behind the scenes at how some of the most renowned ad campaigns of the 20th century came to be.

Get more info here.

Social Media team:
They'll appreciate they snarky attitude of this tee.

Also a good gift for those LBSN-addicts in the office as well, who can't start a meeting, lunch or conversation without checking in first.

(Note how "Your Mom" is in all caps as a proper noun/location. Ha!)

Pick it up at Think Geek.

Mad Men Fans:
Since fans of Mad Men cross all departments, this is a general gift idea (if you're willing to shill out a bit of cash...maybe you work at Google and just got a raise). Pick up the collectible line of Mad Men characters, including Joan, Betty, Don and Roger. (Where is Peggy?)

You can pick up Joan, Don and Betty as a set for only $240...a drop in the bucket for that big time Madison Avenue salary you got there. ;) Find out more here. Just don't be surprised if you end up in a moment walking in on your CEO that brings back memories of Darth Helmet playing with his action figures in Spaceballs.

Web Designers:
Help your web designer bone up on their typography...which is often an overlooked component in design for the web.

A book that is good for newbies as well as those who have been designing for any length of time.

Read more about what the book entails here. (Note: Image is of the 2nd edition but the link goes to the 3rd edition with a different cover.)

Want more ideas? See Part 1 and Part 2.

Got a suggestion? Leave it in the comments. And, stay tuned for part 4.

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