Monday, December 20, 2010

11 Advertising Resolutions for 2011

+ I've never really been one for resolutions. It seems so few people keep them, and if you're going to make a decision to stop or start doing something, it seems to make more sense to just do it when you realize what it is you should be doing, rather than waiting for a point in time.

But, I do think there are somethings that advertising can look to do and improve in the New Year.

1. Drop the buzzwords: So many of these are useless and really meaningless fluff thrown into conversations. If it doesn't mean anything, remove it from your vocabulary. It makes what you are trying to communicate much more clear.

2. Make meeting time count: Stay focused. If you need to have an agenda to keep you on track, make one. It's really not that hard.

3. Work as a team: Stop cutting down other departments. It solves nothing. Everyone needs to realize that Dev, AEs, Creative, UX, etc are all on the same team and should be driving to the same goals--doing the best work possible for the clients. It's really just that simple.

4. Start with the concept, not the tactic: Yes, yes, we know there are tons of new ways to engage and bring a campaign to the masses. But you still need to start with a solid idea. Tactics, be it TV ad or website or OOH or social, come after.

5. Stop talking, start doing: We can talk about the new changes the proliferation of digital brings until we're blue in the face. Let's not. Instead, let's do. Take a bit of advice from our own history--show, don't tell. Let's show what this new world looks like, not just talk about it.

6. Do work you are proud of: If you're not proud of the work you create, you're not going to be happy. Enjoying your work keeps you energized and has a snowball effect of more good (or great) work. So, if your agency isn't producing things that give you a sense of fulfillment, it might be time to look for a gig elsewhere.

7. Be curious: With new technologies and tools coming out almost daily, you have to remain curious. Explore these new things. They just might give you a new idea. Try to learn something or about something new each day.

8. Do something new: Even if you're not doing something brand new, look for a way to give what you are doing a unique twist. If you've seen it done elsewhere, that's fine. But how are you giving it a spin that makes it work for your brand, your client? With all the possibilities of digital, there is so much opportunity to do new things, rather than regurgitate another campaign that does what others are doing.

9. Use pen, pencil and paper: We've gotten so reliant on our technology that it's a rare time when you see someone whip out at pencil and paper to jot down ideas. But, give it a try. See what happens. It might be just enough of a shift to get your brain going in a whole new way.

10. Give back: Does your agency do work for non-profits? If so, ask to be on the team. Bring in interns and share your wisdom. Do something with your skills to give back to the world around you. It will not only make you feel good, but it will make others feel good.

11. Keep it in perspective: Remember, we create ads, pixels and sounds. It always seems like the world will end if X project launches late, but we're not saving lives (for the most part). Your personal life is important. Don't let work get in the way of that.

Got one that I didn't cover? Let me know.

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