Thursday, December 23, 2010

Screw Words That Sell, Embrace Words That Feel

+ Recently I was poking around on Amazon for good copywriting books. I was a bit disgusted by the amount of books that came up around "Words that Sell". What about words that make you feel?

Unless you're communicating a sale or promotion, the words (and ideas) shouldn't just shout at the viewer/reader. They should make them feel something. Excited, intelligent, jealous, concern, and yes, even paranoid.

Making someone feel connects them closer to the brand, the message and taps into a greater, deeper connection with the individual (especially on a psychological level, conscious or not).

And, as an added bonus, more often than not, it also gives people more of a reason to share the message as well. Why? Because it resonated with them on some level.

This is not brain surgery, or a ground-breaking idea. But, it's one that I think many have forgotten about over time (for one reason or another). As advertising people, our job is to take the marketing speak of our clients and translate it into words and messages that make sense to who we are talking to. It's a conversation one on one with a human being. Let your words bring out the emotion you would have in any conversation with a friend, co-worker, or family member...heck even a stranger.

My task to you is to bring more to your writing in the coming year to make people feel something. You can always go back to "New and Improved" if it doesn't work. But, it just might, and better than you might think.

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