Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creativity in the Digital Space - Part 2

+ A few months ago (damn, has it really been that long!?), I did a post that I wanted to do a series on called Creativity in the Digital Space - Part 1. Apparently I got delayed in that. ;) So getting back to it, here's the next in the installment.

One point I'd like to hit on regarding digital creativity in this part 2, are a couple things that have impacts on delivering creativity.

First, money.
There are people who think that because all you have to do to publish is "press a button", digital is cheap. Yes, it's true it's cheaper compared to much of the traditional advertising production costs, BUT, it does require money.

You have concepting costs. You have execution and production costs. And, depending on the idea, production can be key for making it come to life. If you're doing video, you still need to pay a director, production company, editor, etc. If you are looking for unique images, you need to pay a photographer, illustrator and potentially for retouching, etc.

The other is timing.
Again, the same philosophy of "easy" because publication or pushing something live is "faster", there is a feeling that timelines don't need to be as long as for other media. But, that's not always the case. If you're looking to do something big or innovative, you need time. You need the time to figure it out. You need the time to build it and test it.

I've seen a lot of amazing digital ideas die (or become sad, shadows of their former selves) because of timing and cost. Hopefully over time as people discover the impacts these two little devils can have, they will look to improve them to help the big ideas come through.

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