Sunday, January 29, 2012

This and That: 01.29.12

+ Super Bowl XLVI is coming up next weekend. If you want a sneak peek at what you will see, check out the Super Bowl Commercial Spoiler Alert for 2012 that I've put together. Quite a few ads are already "released" to the world, with a good number of teasers as well. Still a few keeping mum, like FedEx (although I double they'll top my all-time fave of theirs, Apology.) Do check Adland leading up to the big ad game, as we'll be posting updates as we go.

+ This past week, JC Penney launched a new logo and campaign from Mother which are part of a major brand overhaul planned by Apple exec turned JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson. Perhaps it's just me (although from the twittersphere it doesn't seem like it), but I think it's horrid. Looks like it was designed in Powerpoint. And the other elements for it look like they are trying to be Old Navy. C'mon. Where's the creativity? I get that it's quite different from where JCP was before, but isn't not the most amazing work overall. Maybe they can call GAP and commiserate together. Sorry Mother. And just because Johnson was at Apple, that doesn't make him infallible either.

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