Monday, May 05, 2014

Integrating storytelling in content strategy

Storytelling. Content. Both are buzzwords. If you're thinking about ways to mash the two together, use them as a combo for a way to strategically thinking about what you're creating. There are lots of stories that can be told as part of a content strategy, and here are just a few themes to build around:

What you stand for: Your brand should stand for something. And, if it doesn't, you need to figure it out (and maybe do some basic branding exercises). Tell stories around the theme that you stand for: Quality. Fun. Friendship. Financial Smarts. Service. It doesn't really matter what it is, there are lots of stories to tell around these themes.

The problems you solve: Your brand is associated with solving your customer's it to look stylish, be financially fiscal, or fuel their morning. Telling the stories of how your products or services in an interesting way can be great content for your brand. You can also frame these stories in a couple different ways: as told by the brand or as told by customers.

Your history: Whether your a new company or have been around for centuries, there's always a history story to tell. Many brands have integrated the meme theme of #tbt (or Throwback Thursday) into their social media content strategy. But there are many other ways to tell this story in a unique and individual way that is ownable by the brand as well.

Your future: We don't stand still. We're forward looking. Tell stories about where you want to take your brand--you can even have your customers help frame this story for you with what they want to see from you in the future too.

Behind your scenes: Take people behinds the scenes of who you are. This is related to, but different from what you stand for. It's how you make what you stand for come to life--from your executive chef or innovation department.

These are just starting points, and within each of these you'll also find many, many other ways to start to drill down.

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carolyn hadlock said...

I agree- content needs integrated storytelling. But even before that - not every brand belongs on social media. Or at least in the content space. We always tell clients that if their brand wouldn't exist naturally on social media, then there's probably a good reason for it.

I also am a huge fan of behind the scenes content- stuff that already exists. Remember GE doing that? Barbarian group found all of their testing footage and people went crazy for it. Search your own library first before rushing out to create new content.

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