Sunday, March 23, 2003

It's Sunday, barely
Sunday Roast
In the string of letters below, can you cross out all of the unnecessary letters so that a logical sentence remains?


I'll have to come back to this one. Too late at night to try to figure it out.

The Challenge- I love doing trivia, riddles and puzzles.

A) *what are your favourite types? trivia and word puzzles like scrabble, boggle and crosswords.
B) *where is the best place on the net to go? I like word racer on yahoo games.
C) *have you ever won a prize? For these, no.
D) *stump us with one of your own................. I'll come back to this later too.

Unconscious Mutterings-I say … and you think … ?
1. 501 :: Levis
2. Xs and Os :: hugs and kisses
3. Remote :: control
4. Declaration :: of love
5. Whale :: fluke
6. Glitter :: glue
7. Floss :: teeth
8. Checkers :: games
9. Vegas :: waste of money
10. Hill :: laruen

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