Thursday, January 22, 2004

Ads and penguins

Ads on your tray while you fly. Here's an exerpt from the article:
Advertisers say the airplane environment is perfect with its affluent, captive audience.

"We think it's a perfect way to reach customers," said Melissa Welch, vice president of partnership marketing at Bank of America.

Welch said Bank of America has purchased advertising on 50 planes and will feature their Flight Fund Visa credit card, which rewards users with frequent flyer miles, making airplane advertising perfect.

"Our key target market is people who fly on America West," she said.
First, Bank of America isn't going to only need to be targeting those in the West as soon as the merger with FleetBoston goes through. They'll need to get the eastcoasters as well. Maybe they are just going to wait until then to buy ad space on America East. ;) And just because someone flies on an airline does not mean they are affluent. Especially local airlines such as America West. This article offers some perspective from the point of view of a potential customer. And it's not all peaches and cream. Although I disagree with his comments on the fact that Madison Ave. The airlines and companies who are doing this (running the ads) are just as much to blame. If your client comes to you(ad agency) and asks you to create ads for blank medium, you're not going to say no. If the airlines weren't offering the space, the companies wouldn't be looking to put the ads there. I think more of the "blame" for this needs to go to the airline rather than the advertising industry. (hat tip to Alec.)

An OnStar commerical you'll never see. (Thanks to Clay.)

ASA offers stiff warnings to two alcohol advertisers.

Link between sleep deprivation and creativity and apparently us creative types tend not to get enough zz's.

Jim Nantz and the rest of the "NFL Today" team, Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino and Deion Sanders, as well as other celebrities, will host a special on CBS Saturday, January 31st at 9pm that takes a look back at the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time. CBS or someone has already narrowed down the numbers and you can vote on your favorite out of a list of 10. You can view them too. Cast your vote and view the ten here. There are some odd choices on there. I'm not sure if these are the top contenders or if they just picked the ten they couldn't decide on. But it is a weird mix of ads there.

Penguin fun! and more penguin fun.

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