Friday, January 16, 2004

WTF is wrong with PayPal?

Tragedy strikes Adland:read how Paypal froze our assets - newbie super access closed.
Our paypal account as been frozen - right now we can not receive any donations for a super adgruntship that allows access to the commercial archives. :(
We've emailed and asked paypal - who as you probably know just got bought by Ebay - what exactly we've done to deserve this. Apparantly it is "adult content". They have yet to point out where exactly this site carries such content.
WTF? The site is just a collection of ads. And all have run in the US or Europe or Asia. The Library of Congress even lists the site as an advertising resource! Worst part about it is that PayPal won't even say what of it is considered "adult content". If you're going to mark a site as such, someone should have to write the why down somewhere! And why they can't pass that information along to the hostmistress boggles the mind!
PayPal being bought by Ebay has "family friendly" rules. Um, I would never think of Ebay as family friendly. Sorry. And what about the ads isn't family friendly? Sure there are some racy things on there, but, cripes, if they are, the posts talk about how wrong it is that someone tried to use it as an advertisement!
There's more upset people making comments on that post there as well. Check it out. And beware the morality police!

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