Monday, May 17, 2004


+ Free to Marry! Today is a historical day in the history of the United States. With all the war, terrorist, political, and economic grey clouds hovering, there is a ray of light. Congrats to all those applying for marriage licenses today - and congrats to all those who made it possible. Also this is the 50th anniversary of the landmark decision for Brown vs. The Board of Education, in which "separate but equal" was eliminated. An appropriate day for gay and lesbians to start off on their way to a life together with the person they love. And a great day for celebrating our rights and freedoms.

+ Eddie Izzard is making a film about his life called Diva 51, set to be released in 2005. "It will show his exhaustive efforts to crack America, culminating in two Emmy awards for his stand-up show and a Tony nomination for his performance in A Day In The Death of Joe Egg on Broadway. Robin Williams, Tim Roth and Eric Idle also feature in the documentary, paying tribute to Izzard's talents." (mmm Tim Roth!)

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