Saturday, May 22, 2004

It's all inside.

+ Slim Fast unveils summer push. "A new campaign created by Grey London taps into the "universal fear" of not being able to fit into a bikini in time for the summer season. The initiative will be focused on press and outdoor activity and features a series of teasers depicting French, Spanish and Swedish bikini-clad women and incorporate straplines such as "I love British women … they make me look great," and "British women are so brave … sharing a beach with us. Five "curvy but gorgeous" British women are then revealed with a call to action to visit Slim-Fast's dedicated website ( to help users drop a bikini size. The strapline reads, "Three weeks and we'll be a smaller size. You got that, foreign girls?"" See link for poster from the campaign. UPDATE: all the online areas (including the website itself), screensavers and technology were all provided by a company called Vivid London Limited. (thanks to neil for the heads up)

+ From
The ‘Tidyman’ logo was originally developed by the Keep America Beautiful campaign in conjunction with the American Brewers Association back in the 1960’s. The logo first made it’s debut in the UK in the early 1970’s as the main branding for the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. Soon after it’s inception, its use by industry became widespread and to this day, it is still one of the most globally recognised symbols.
Recently commissioned research by the Keep Britain Tidy campaign has indicated that raising the profile of the ‘Tidyman’ character through internet marketing may potentially be of huge benefit, especially when it comes to communicating issues of littering to the younger members of society. With this in mind, Keep Britain Tidy wishes to invite animators and designers to help inject some personality into the rather characterless icon that is ‘Tidyman’.
There's more info at
Also check out some posters from prior ENCAMS "Keep Britain Tidy" campaigns.

+ CBC won't air SPCA ad that equates children with pets. Porkpie Hat Advertising, Toronto has done an attention grabbing campaign for the Nova Scotia SPCA, urging people to think before they adopt pets by using children as spokesmodels. See the ad on the Porkpie site. (via adland.)

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