Friday, May 21, 2004

Motorcycles and beer

+ Found via Brand Republic:
ITV is seeking advertising creatives to take part in a reality show it is producing for Sky One in which they will create an ad campaign for the famous Raleigh Chopper Bike.
The show aims to recreate the 1970s in a suburban office and will recruit a total of 12 advertising creatives from several agencies to represent their company. They will then be asked to pitch for Raleigh of Nottingham's 'Raleigh Chopper' Christmas ad campaign, potentially worth millions of pounds in sales.
For two weeks, the ad execs will live and work without any trappings of 21st century technology. The '1970s Office' will see the ad execs taken back to a time when there were no computers, mobile phones, internet or even motorcycle couriers -- things today's everyday creative takes for granted.
Chopper, the iconic 1970s bicycle brand, recently announced that it was relaunching to capitalise on a nostalgia wave for design classics.
Funny how they interchange the terms "ad execs" and "creative". You'd think Brand Republic would know better than to confuse the two. ;)

+ Mudslinging with Bud and Miller - From the article: "The No. 1 brewer on Thursday ran an ad in USA Today showing a bottle of Miller Lite above the legend “The Queen of Carbs” and in smaller type, “South African Owned.” The bottom portion of the ads shows a much larger photo of the top of a bottle of Budweiser and text that says, “American brewed since 1876. The King of Beers.”
The bottom of the ad reads: “We’ll let Miller Lite spend all their time talking about carbs. At Budweiser, we’ll continue to spend all our efforts making great beer.”
This is the first shot in what Anheuser-Busch is calling its “Unleash the Dawgs” campaign against Miller Lite." See link for image of ad.

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