Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup.

+ The Roto-Rooter jingle turns 50 this month and in a Roto-Rooter telephone poll of 1000 people it came in 2nd to Wrigley's "Double your pleasure" as the most known jingle.

+ Via Brand Republic:
"Sky is throwing down the gauntlet to agencies to come up with more innovative and creative interactive television advertising campaigns, and is offering reduced price production and hosting on the Sky Digital for the agency that does.Creative, media and advertising agencies will all be welcome to respond to the challenge, and will be able to submit one entry for each client.
Mark Wood, commercial director at Sky Media, said: "Engaging the creative sector will be key to realising the full potential of interactivity so we believe 'Out of the Box' is a unique opportunity for agencies to showcase their brand-building skills.""

+ The BBC takes a look at McDonald's new salad adverts. From the article:
"Not that the printed adverts are any more subtle. One in a women's health magazine reads: "Aromatherapist Anna is typical of the new breed of customer attracted to McDonald's... Anna hates football, but love Thierry Henry. She hates alcohol but loves bars... She hates her job but loves her boss" etc.
Just to avoid any doubt, small print at the bottom of the page reads: "Anna is intended to illustrate a possible customer-type and is not a real person.""

Hahaha...gotta love a disclaimer like that! :)

+ Capital Radio's Scottish radio station Beat 106, has come under fire from the ad watchdog for a poster in which a woman appears to be using sex as a bargaining tool, dressed in unzipped jeans revealing pink underwear, created by The Leith Agency. See the link for an image of said ad.

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