Friday, June 21, 2013

Bernbach on creative talent & qualities

+ I stumbled upon this great interview of Bill Bernbach about creative talent and qualities. Watch it.

"The real basis for persuasion is to understand what motivates a man," says Bill. He also talks about how it's not just the words that are written but more so what the reader takes away from it. Which is a little funny as earlier today I saw a tweet fly through my feed that mentioned that, which linked Social Brands 5: Comms Leitmotifs, a post about moving from our obsession with media efficiency to right-siding it with effective communications based on a shared understanding through a better interpretation of motivations and the dynamics that drive exchanges.

I strongly agree with this thinking and feel like sometimes we get too wrapped up in the technology or message that we forget some of the basics. In a way this is Advertising 101 (or even Marketing 101).

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